Your child will be placed in one of two appropriate programs

Apple Dumplings Program

  • Self-help skills and encouraging independence
  • Math, art, science and language
  • Daily outdoors activity


Hot Shots Program

  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Daily outdoors time and exercise
  • Number and letter recognition as well as math, art, science and language
Two year old boy playing with colorful dough at preschool.  Shot with the Canon 20D.

Convenient care that caters to your schedule

Though full time care is encouraged for your child to get the maximum educational benefit, Kids Academy offers part-time programs as well. This is especially good to help your child transition to the day care environment. As always, your child’s well-being and comfort comes first. As an added convenience, you have the choice to pack your child’s lunch or have them purchase lunch at school. Call today for affordable rates!